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A reclusive child prodigy, Ergo spent his teenage years composing a plethora of operas, followed by a spell in the Mormon church and as a stand-up comedian, then first broadcasting at WFMU radio in New York.


Since the early 2000s, Ergo has performed and been broadcast all over the world, creating a body of work of incomprehensible size and ambition - hundreds of hours across theatre, song writing, text, electronic music, collage exhibitions, installations, opera, video and radio plays that play with expectations and cover a range of subject matters, from the esoteric to pop culture, from Gala Dali's dinner party's to Brexit and the apocalypse.


Despite operating on a zero or no budget basis, Ergo has drawn acclaim from a diverse range of sources, including Tom Ravenscroft, Frankie Boyle, Michael Nyman and Matt Groening. Despite such high regard, Ergo remains hard to categorise, but is certainly an artist of uncompromising vision and intent 'a uniquely English original we should cherish deeply'

After graduating in Film Studies at Sheffield Hallam in 2001, Iain began his editing career at Triangle Post in London, a post production company attached to the ad agency Saatchi and Saatchi. Here, he learnt the craft of short form editing; from pitch tapes, mood reels and ads to promos and music videos.  He left in 2007, going freelance to pursue a wider range of projects, working across a number of formats, including children's tv, factual entertainment, live music, adventure travel and documentary.


Signing with agency In Crowd, Iain developed a reputation for instinctive storytelling and open collaboration, and was drafted into some of the UK's biggest production companies to help shape numerous award winning new series. However, Iain has always had an interest in music and the arts, alongside a life long passion for observational documentary, inspired as a child by films such as the BBC Arena strand, ambitious long term projects such as Hoop Dreams, the TV series Seven Up and Jacques Peretti's cult late night oddity The Trip.

Alex was born in Carlisle, a city in the North of England. He attended the Birmingham School of Speech Training and Dramatic Art studying the technical side of theatre, he was then accepted at The London Film School where he studied all aspects of filmmaking. He is a PRINCE2 Practitioner and HEAT certified to operate in hostile environments and has worked in some of the most dangerous cities in the world.


Alex has been making what industry colleagues describe as exciting, innovative, high quality films for over 18 years. His work is often daring, edgy, distinctive filmmaking that pushes boundaries both in subject matter and content.


He always aim is to make films that not only entertain but inform and show us a different perspective on life, society and even ourselves. His films have been in-competition at over 40 international film festivals and have won numerous awards.  Alex has had the privilege of working with some of the best actors and technicians the industry has to offer.

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Ergo Phizmiz

Composer, Musician, Artist

Iain Chambers

Producer, Director, Editor

Alex Tweddle

Executive Producer

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Adam is an award-winning sound designer / composer / mixer, with multiple audio disciplines under his belt. From cutting tape or producing up-and-coming artists, to working with Hollywood's biggest talent, Adam is comfortable in any studio situation. His work has been awarded at the Baftas, Creative Circle, BTAAs, Kinsale, and Clios. In his spare time, he's either pursuing his passion for film music, drumming, or binging Netflix.

Adam Smyth

Sound Designer / Mixer

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Leigh Davies

Post Production

Leigh started work as a runner at Soho's VTR, before training as a film editor at Naisbitt & Co on Wardour Street. A creative and versatile editor, Leigh has worked on global advertising campaigns, animation, music videos and short films.


In 2011 Leigh became a freelance editor, co-founding Two Hares Running with Iain Chambers in 2015.


During a career that began with running film cans to telecine, Leigh has also budgeted and co-ordinated post-production, had a couple of starring roles as a hand model and even recorded the odd voice-over.